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This is intended as general, rather than individual advice and if you are on medication, or have any pre-existing health issues, you should consult your doctor before making any radical changes to your diet.


HealthPosted by annshaw Sun, October 30, 2016 16:30:11


I met up with a girlfriend the other day at a coffee bar and she was limping! She told me that for two months she had agonising pain in her leg, thigh and hip, and had been advised to have steroidal injections and an X-ray in hospital, for which she had an appointment. She brought along the supplements she had been taking in this time for me to look at, and to check that they were ok.

In my opinion I felt she was taking too much Vitamin D that was in two separate bottles of supplements. I advised that she stop these two bottles that both contained this vitamin, and I would be most surprised if she did not see some difference in her symptoms. Whilst this is a very important and vital vitamin that many people are deficient in, I find that some people take very high amounts without checking that they need them at that dosage.

Three days later she contacted me to say the pain had virtually all gone, and soon after that she explained how excruciating the pain had been in this time. She is now fine.

Interestingly, in the space of a month, I came across someone else who I felt was taking too high an amount of a mineral, which inspired me to write this. This is an area that can quite often be missed when looking into a case history, but one I always keep an eye out for.

This second experience was someone who had been prescribed a high dosage of calcium by his doctor. I asked him if he had been tested to see whether he actually needed this amount, which he had not. He was reluctant to reduce the dosage which I feared would block my recommendations from working correctly, but I did want him to find out his level of calcium. This calcium supplement also contained the artificial sweetener, aspartame, which will have raised his cholesterol level.

Some while later he called to say that on checking his calcium level, the doctor also found him low in another mineral which worried him greatly. On re-testing this other mineral he did not take his calcium supplement, and the result was ‘normal.’ He then discovered, that through his diet he was actually having three times the amount of calcium he was prescribed! This will also have something to do with one of his health conditions.

Whilst many people are severely deficient in vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements, of which this there is no doubt, likewise we must be careful not to overdose on any of them. Mineral imbalances in the body can cause havoc, as well as affect the thyroid gland. Those that suffer Chronic Fatigue will invariably come to me with their supplements, but really, these can be at quite high dosages. You have to start very slowly on supplements if you have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, and increase slowly once improvements are noticed. Otherwise you may just topple over.

It is so true that we are all unique to eachother and have entirely different health histories, therefore we cannot all cope with the same prescription.

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