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EGGS - What Chickens Are Fed

HealthPosted by annshaw Wed, April 08, 2015 12:31:02

A short blog on eggs as a lot of people are not aware that the foods an animal/bird is fed can affect our health, hence one reason to only drink milk and eat meat from a grass-fed animal, not grain-fed.

I have made a number of enquiries to find out what foods chickens are fed, and whether their feed contained soya or corn. If you have seen me for a consultation, I expect you will remember how allergenic soya is, from the information I will have given you and what we will have discussed, but also soya and corn are genetically modified. It would seem that all the eggs sold in supermarkets have come from chickens fed on these grains, both of which are undesirable whether they are GMO or not. The only eggs I have come across that are fed organic wheat and no soya or corn, are Duchy eggs from Waitrose. If you suffer allergies then GMO foods are a problem because they exacerbate the condition. Inevitably mayonnaise would also come from chickens that have this diet.

Even organic eggs from Farmer's Markets, from the enquiries I have made, also come from chickens that are fed GMO-free soya and corn, and sometimes alfalfa, but there again it is still soya and it is still corn. Also, alfalfa does not suit everyone. These are the ingredients from one Farmer's Market....Organic Wheat, Organic Soya, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Peas, Calcium Carbonate, Organic Maize.

Eggs are one of the common allergens for babies and children, but perhaps it is not the eggs themselves, but the soya content in eggs that provokes eczema, acne and other health problems.

Please let me know of any other eggs on sale that are not fed on soya or corn, so I can share it.

Happy Spring! smiley

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