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This is intended as general, rather than individual advice and if you are on medication, or have any pre-existing health issues, you should consult your doctor before making any radical changes to your diet.


HealthPosted by annshaw Fri, February 13, 2015 11:27:32

When people consult me with pains in their joints/knee/muscles/hips/weight/ invariably the root cause can be wheat/cows dairy (not goats)/gluten/soya. These symptoms often disappear quite rapidly with the elimination of one or all of these foods. However, I advised one lady to eliminate oat biscuits, as I considered that she was consuming a number of these regularly.

We had explored other avenues as to why she was still having pains in spite of cutting down on wheat and various other foods. She was advised to have an X-ray as several osteopathic treatments had not solved the problem. I then heard from her this week telling me that after just a few days of eliminating oats, all the pains were 80% gone, and today they have almost vanished. Obviously she is very pleased that symptoms that were causing a lot of distress, have now disappeared.

Commonly I find the culprit is wheat/gluten and I have seen many people whose pains, (severe), vanished when cutting out cows milk/cheese/yogurt/beef. Having said that, wheat/gluten can be a major factor. Dr. William Davis, MD, Cardiologist, explains in his book, Wheat Belly, the effects wheat has on the joints/arthritis/ and how two slices of wholewheat bread breaks down into 2 tablespoons of white sugar. Of course this will cause weight-gain/obesity as well as a number of other health problems, including atherosclerosis and thyroid issues.

If you are sensitive to wheat, one of the symptoms can be weight-gain. The 'modern' wheat we now eat is completely different to ancient wheat. Modern wheat has 42 chromosomes, whereas ancient wheat had only 28 chromosomes, so it is a very different substance. It contains twice the amount of gluten and also contains proline making it indigestible to the human body, which is why it has become so allergenic. My previous blog goes into wheat/gluten more thoroughly...

In conclusion, porridge oats are an excellent fibre and the colon desperately needs fibre to function properly. However, I do see that many people have porridge every single day, as well as oat biscuits, and this can back-fire and actually result in constipation. We were not designed to eat the same foods every single day of the year, and many health problems can be avoided by varying our diets. There are a vast quantity of different foods to choose from - we are not restricted to pasta, bread, pastries and incessant sandwiches.

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