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Toxic Chemicals

HealthPosted by annshaw Fri, August 01, 2014 11:42:55

Many common household products can affect your mood and behaviour as well as your overall health, such as certain washing powders/fabric conditioners/deodorants/toxic incense sticks/air fresheners/and other chemical-ridden products you find under your kitchen sink and in your bathroom. From the medical journal, Cancer.... people who use incense have an increased risk of getting cancers of the upper respiratory tract--including mouth, sinus, throat, and laryngeal cancers--as well as squamous cell carcinoma. Note: the elevated risk seems to be associated only with very heavy use over a period of years.

Although I wrote a blog on my website some while ago about washing powder/panic attacks/anxiety/behavioural problems/mood swings etc. it is really about time people looked at the ingredients of what they are inhaling and putting on their skin. I am finding more and more of the people that consult me with their health problems, are actually suffering from neuroses from chemical over-load, and not necessarily from food-related problems.

'Parabens in cosmetics bypass the metabolic process and enter the blood stream and body organs intact. It has been estimated that women are exposed to 50 mg per day of parabens from cosmetics.' This link may help to give some idea on the 17 chemicals to avoid...

I find that the most expensive cosmetics contain the most chemicals, but it is not just cosmetics that concerns me, it is the toxic smell of washing powder/fabric conditioner/deodorant/air fresheners etc. that are affecting us mentally and emotionally.

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