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HealthPosted by annshaw Tue, May 27, 2014 11:26:40

Vitamin B7 is one of the 'B' vitamins in 'B-complex' and also known as Biotin. A deficiency can lead to hair loss/alopaecia. One of the ways of becoming deficient is eating too many egg-whites or smoking ~ just some of the other symptoms of a deficiency can be dry scaly dermatitis, depression, listlessness, nausea, vomitting and tingling in the arms and legs. Some people take Vitamin B7 to ensure a strong and healthy head of hair, but no 'B' vitamin should be taken in isolation, so 'B' complex is the ideal way of ensuring a 'B7' intake. Also, ensure a zinc supplement is included as you should not take vitamin 'B6' or zinc without eachother ~ organ meats and egg yokes are a good source as well as berries/fruits, nuts, halibut, salmon, onions, cucumber, carrots and cauliflower. However, always check your vitamin/mineral status first before self-prescribing supplements.

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