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This is intended as general, rather than individual advice and if you are on medication, or have any pre-existing health issues, you should consult your doctor before making any radical changes to your diet.


HealthPosted by annshaw Wed, October 30, 2013 17:23:57

I have lost 5lbs in six days by not eating tomatoes and potatoes. I am not looking to lose weight as I am quite slim, but have been told by five kinesiologists over many years that I am allergic to these foods.

However, I did not really take any action as I love potatoes so much, and use tomatoes regularly in recipes and salads. Their concerns were more for the effect these foods had on my health, particularly potatoes and the endocrine system, as both foods were found to be very allergenic to me. Whilst my own methods for addressing weight-loss in my patients is always from the 'allergy' angle rather than counting calories or starving, I did wonder why I have ignored this advice for myself.

It was only when someone remarked that my face was recently looking a bit puffy, that I began to think about potatoes and tomatoes in my diet. Puffy face is one of the symptoms I look for at my consultations, as it can be a sign of allergy and fluid retention. It is also one of the symptoms that can disappear quite quickly once the offending food is discovered and removed. Usually, if the correct protocol is followed, the weight drops off anyway, because if that food is allergenic for you, it acts like fluid retention in the body. Some medications can act as a barrier to the effectiveness of this protocol.

I came across an article some years ago that mentioned a man losing 7 stones in weight because he stopped eating beef and tomatoes, and in the same article a woman lot one stone in weight because she stopped eating lettuce. In my Practice, the common offenders can be soya products, (8-9 different names), cows dairy, wheat, carrots, aspartame, (artificial sweeteners), fructose corn syrup, sugar, salt, heavy metals, thyroid and of course other factors to consider, such as addressing bowel function.

Consider also, that root vegetables, if they are not grown in organic soil, can contain high amounts of cadmium, so to include potatoes on a daily basis can increase your levels of cadmium as well as pesticides.

I shall continue to avoid these two foods a while longer as I am now ready to take them on board in a positive way. I remember in my 20's when a nutritionist/ kinesiologist told me I was allergic to wheat and cows milk, I immediately gave them up and lost 7 lbs. in one week, which I did not want to do at all. If anything I was trying to gain weight! However, my life and health transformed and they have never really been part of my diet ever since.

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