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This is intended as general, rather than individual advice and if you are on medication, or have any pre-existing health issues, you should consult your doctor before making any radical changes to your diet.


HealthPosted by annshaw Fri, July 26, 2013 16:06:06

When I was age 26, I was told by my doctor that I would probably spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. The symptoms I was suffering from around the age of 19 were that I could not feel my legs. There were niggling pains going down my thighs periodically, but overall, no sensation in my legs at all. As time went on, I would only go out if I knew for certain there was a chair to sit on, otherwise my legs would give way and I would collapse onto the floor.

I convinced myself it was a circulation problem, and to this day some people remember me spending a lot of time with my legs up against the wall, as it seemed to give some relief. I waited 5 months to see a Neurologist, but about a week beforehand, I could not bear the pains and the strange sensations any more. I booked to see a Nutritional Therapist who told me it was a wheat allergy and advised the Stone Age diet. Back then allergies were rarely acknowledged, and I had certainly not heard of anything being wrong with wheat. However, I was desperate so immediately went on the diet. Three days later, I felt like a brand new person with energy flowing not only through my entire body, but my legs were solidly strong. My head felt clear and my dead eyes came alive. I was in shock! I kept saying to everyone, that I felt like I had just been on holiday for 2 weeks - I was bursting with energy and with legs as strong as an ox.

Three days before my appointment with the Neurologist, I phoned the hospital to cancel my appointment. The nurse asked if I wanted to re-book for another date and this is exactly how the conversation went....

Nurse: Do you want to re-book another appointment?
No, it’s ok – I’m better now.
What do you mean, you’re better? What was it?
An allergy to wheat
Hahahahahahahaha! Yes dear.....
Bye hahaha!

I did not touch wheat for 6 years because I thought my problem would come back. However, we were in France, when I discovered that it wasn’t actually wheat itself, but wholemeal/granary bread. We stayed at a hotel in a remote location, and the only breakfasts they served were French bread or Croissants. I was so hungry that despite trying not to have any, in the end I had to. I was terrified and kept expecting my legs to weaken, but they didn’t. However, wholemeal bread would affect me, not just physically but would wipe me out completely and I could barely concentrate.

My diet used to include a lot of wholemeal bread and muesli, and because we were told that wholemeal bread and muesli were so good for you and that we need fibre, I would put more wheatgerm on top of the muesli, thinking it would give me the energy I was so deficient in.

Having stayed off wheat for 6 years, I then conceived my 2nd child. At the pre-conceptual care clinic at West London Hospital, when the doctor discovered I did not eat bread or have cows milk products, but goats milk instead, he was furious! He ordered me there and then to see the hospital dietitian. She told me that if I continued to do this, I would have a tiny baby and that it would be born deformed and it would be my fault. I was so upset and worried that I stopped off at a shop on the way home and bought a loaf of Hovis bread and a pint of cows milk. This was on a Sunday I was bed-ridden and struggling to breath. I rang a good friend and he rang his Naturopath who said, ‘Tell her to keep off the fats and the grains and she will be fine.’ I did this and by the next day I was back to feeling myself again. I decided to keep things as they were, and stayed off wheat and cows milk/cows cheese and continued with goats.

When I was 6 months pregnant people would say, ‘are you sure you’re pregnant?’ because it was not that noticeable, and my doctor said it was all baby and would be a good weight. My son weighed 81lb. 7 ozs and certainly not deformed or tiny. I breast-fed him for 13 months still keeping off wheat and cows milk products all this time. He was calm, contented, thoughtful, bright and a delight to take anywhere, and to this day he has remained fighting fit.

I write this not just for those that may be suffering from a neurological disease, but also for those with chronic fatigue symptoms. I have helped many of my patients by using the same principles that I used myself for many health problems including IBS, and would urge you to think about what you are eating each day that may be relevant to your health condition. No drug could have cured my leg problem, especially if I had ignored the root cause of it, and continued eating wholemeal bread. I am not in a wheelchair and have brilliant energy which I hope never to lose again....

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